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--Our company is one of the marketing divisions of Chengxing Group.


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Suzhou Haohan Chemical Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Haohan Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Development Zone, Suzhou Bay Taihu New City, adjacent to Taihu Lake, with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. Our company is one of the market divisions of “Chengxing Group”, mainly engaged in the market of group coal chemical products. Research, information dynamic tracking and market sales and operation of “Wuhu” brand products. The company has a professional market development talent team. A warehouse center with large chemical products for refrigeration, storage and distribution. At present, the company owns products: methyl formate; (20,000 tons of export grade) formamide; polyethene polyamine; ethylenediamine and other related products.
Companies adhering to the "integrity, professionalism, and win-win" business philosophy, adhere to customer first, quality-oriented. Your satisfaction is our pursuit! We are committed to serving you with good products and good service.

Mainly engaged in market research of group coal chemical products, tracking of information dynamics and market sales and operation of “Wuhu” brand products!



Diethylenetriamine is a yellow hygroscopic transparent viscous liquid with a melting point of -35 ° C, a boiling point of 207 ° C

Methyl formate

Melting point: -100.4 ° C, boiling point: 32 ° C, water solubility: soluble in water (300 g / L, 20 ° C), density: 0.98 g / cm3, appearance: colorless volatile liquid


Melting point: 2-3 ° C, boiling point: 210 ° C, water solubility: miscible with water, density: 1.134 g / mL @ 25 ° C, appearance: colorless transparent liquid


Melting point: 8.5 ° C, boiling point: 116 ~ 117.2 ° C, water solubility: soluble in water, alcohol, insoluble in benzene, slightly soluble in ether, density: 0.90g / cm3

The quality of products is the life of the company. Our quality management system is established in accordance with the ISO9000 international standards.



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